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To Good Friends and New Beginnings


Hi everyone, Over the past two years I have really enjoyed reading your comments, being able to call you my friends, and having the chance to share my passions with you on this blog. While I have loved my time with Life by Luciene I am now focusing all my energy into a new adventure: Fifth Avenue & Flea Markets. I’m very excited to share more about the how-to and my process behind...

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Halloween Party Decor


Because Giuliana loves Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds, I was inspired to do something for her Halloween party with black ravens and crows, I just didn't know what exactly. After a trip to the floral district on 6th and 28th in New York City, the creative juices were flowing and we found some incredible things, such as curly black willow, twig wreaths, large pumpkins and Japanese lanterns....

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I am all about romantic dinners! While good food is the most important part of the dining experience, the ambiance is just as important and Harlow Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan was perfect on every level. The attention to detail was impeccable, but what I loved most was the mix of old and new. All the original wood work, carved molding and stained glass windows as well as the chandeliers...

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What is a more classic American dish than Chicken Noodle Soup? It seems that everyone loves it and has their own recipe passed down from generation to generation. My recipe is pretty classic, but using imported Italian pasta instead of the traditional egg noodles, is what makes it a bit more Italian. If I have left over chicken or just want to make something my family will enjoy on a damp day,...

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A couple of days ago, I celebrated my 17th Wedding Anniversary and thought it would be fun to get all dressed up for a night out on the town. While going through my closet, I came across this beautiful cream Duchess Satin Balenciaga dress I bought at Bergdorf Goodman for my bridal shower back in 1996. I always loved this dress, however the little thin black belt that went around the upper waist...

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This Fall season I am making the most of the beautiful weather by having more dinners outside. For an early Sunday get together with friends, I had a lot of fun starting my table theme with fall flowers I found in my yard. Hydrangeas are always so abundant this time of year and their colors of deep violet, green, teal blue and cranberry are rich and warm. I gathered a bunch of these beautiful...

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